Building Dreams
Multicolor Home Improvement can make your renovation dream come into reality regardless if you are on a budget.
  1. Renovation Specialists
    Renovation Specialists
    Whether you want to add a room, remodel your kitchen, renew your bathroom or just renew your whole house. We are here to help you with any type of work required in a renovation.
  2. Framing Specialists
    Framing Specialists
    When you are putting into place what will hold your house, you don't want amateurs messing around. We do it right the first time around.
  3. Painting Specialists
    Painting Specialists
    When it's time to paint things can get literally messy if you don't have the right people doing the job. MulticolorHI has the best painters in the tri-state area. There is no small or too big of a project for us.
Custom Projects
Multicolor Home Improvement turn your vision into reality.
Our Services
We offer custom design and will turn your vision into reality.